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Keraton Organic Production

Keraton is a fully integrated producer of Organic Coconut Sugar that focuses on the welfare of our farmers, sustainability of our lands and the well-being of our consumers.

Keraton Organic Selection Process


Careful selection of bearing trees with healthy unopened inflorescence.

The mature unopened inflorescence will be bent downwards for 1 week to allow nectar to flow for tapping.

We only produce our sugar from nectar and NOT from blocks.


Nectar collected is measured immediately to ensure they conform to the required acidity level.

Nectar is carefully collected and stored in sterilized containers.


Keraton Organic Collection Process
Keraton Organic Evaporation Process


Collected nectar is cooked over traditional ovens to remove any bacteria and moisture.

The solution is sieved and further evaporated to syrup form.

Upon crystallization, wok is removed from the oven and continued to be stirred until sugar granules is formed.


Granulated sugar is stirred and ground further with coconut husks to improve consistency.

More moisture is released through heat retained in the wok.


Keraton Organic Conversion Process
Keraton Organic Preparation Process


The sugar granules is sieved over industrial food grade strainers to produce uniform particles.

After sieving, it will be transferred in food grade stainless-steel trays to be dried.


Multiple sieving and magnetic traps are used to ensure no foreign material is present in the final product.

Product will then be carefully weighed and sealed under stringent conditions.


Keraton Organic Packaging Process